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    New shared loot bug (no loot)

    Hi want to make everyone aware of a situation that happend to me:

    Logged on saw sandking was going on twitch
    Went to sandking
    Shot 150-175 ped into sandking
    Died twice (not paying attention)
    2nd death i decided it was not worth it to teleport back due to hp of mob
    Tp to fort zues before mob is dead
    Mob hofs got zero loot
    Figured it was a bug and reloged
    Still zero loot

    Happy hunting dont try this at home!

    EDIT: if this happens to you check your storage loot should be there!!
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    check your storage to see if the loot is there

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mathilda View Post
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    check your storage to see if the loot is there
    wow it was there ty, this can be closed

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