I think this is big:


I would like to get a better overview of what's currently happening in this field and how MindArk's project might fit in with or fare against other players. The sheer amount of messages regarding anything blockchain is staggering and I don't even have a clue anymore which source is trustworthy. Where a channel opens for themed discussion, it gets flooded with spam for everybody's and their dog's shitcoins (speaking of ND's Discord e.g.)

If anyone has any information they think is legit related to "blockchaining" copyrighted assets and associated business models, it would be interesting to collect these items in one place, i.e. here. I also hope it doesn't violate the forum rule "thou shalt not name other games" because the purpose is erudition about a topic many find still difficult to grasp while going to face a potential investment decision within the context of this game.