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    Entropia Pocket Security


    Does the Entropia Pocket Solution TANGenerator read/process/send ANY private/personal data from a smartphone it is installed on?

    • Email adresses
    • GPS Geo location
    • Contents of USB storage
    • Modify or delete the contents of USB storage
    • Take pictures or videos
    • Receive data from Internet
    • Send data to Internet
    • View network connections
    • Shortened or full network access
    • Run at startup
    • Control vibration
    • Prevent device from sleeping
    • Any other unnamed content or action

    thank you for a rational answer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Orion View Post
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    • Email adresses - Find accounts isn't an option, so unlikely
    • GPS Geo location - no
    • Contents of USB storage - it can access them, but that is cos it will store your code from the QR, but with data usage in the last 30 days of 804KB (36KB background) its clearly not stealing files
    • Modify or delete the contents of USB storage - above
    • Take pictures or videos - yes to scan the QR code
    • Receive data from Internet - yes to keep time upto date and send notifications for events
    • Send data to Internet - will be needed to setup your account
    • View network connections - yea standard
    • Shortened or full network access - yea
    • Run at startup - yea
    • Control vibration - yea, not sure why its needed, probably is part of a package or was planned but not used
    • Prevent device from sleeping - yea, screen stays on while on code screen
    • Any other unnamed content or action

    i have one more Huawei permission for Change Badge, this is just so it can highlight any notifications on the icon
    thank you for a rational answer.
    there is zero account data added to the app, just a code linking the google authenticator list to your account

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