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    adj ml 35 halloween ring 2015 dante

    hello entropians,

    I'm currently trying to sell my tier 5.9 Adj. Meckel and loch 35, along with a Dante amp. can be purchased separately after gun has sold. instant B/O 11k peds TT included.

    Alos i have a halloween 2015 ring for sale, it has 13 crit dmg 1 life steal 13 life and some other stuff. i does have 13 deecelration as well. it a left hand ring.

    PM some offers,

    currently i will accept peds cld or auds.
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    got one offer for the gun, really really close to what im looking for. ill set instant buyout for gun and amp at 11k peds. that includes the TT.

    bump for the ring.

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