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    Quote Originally Posted by Jburn666 View Post
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    How long till you guys hit that 5 digit uber loot ?
    Oer. High hopes LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by Atrax View Post
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    Hmm I was gone for a couple of years, but since we like averages here, I global in hunting about monthly on average for 8 years now. Crafting almost twice that often. Mining? ha ha ha h aha hah ha haa

    Aynways. I do small things. I don't have a big bankroll. I've made a couple of 10k PED deposits but both to buy deeds.

    When I deposit PED into game I kick them around a while then buy something I like. A few combat tokens towards my next CDF vehicle or something I want for Atrax. Sometimes I've bought the skills these guys are selling because it's a LOT cheaper than skilling up, to a point. I buy clothes. I have a fishing rod

    I've deposited over 10k peds a couple of times, that's it.

    I talk, I explore. I manage my shops and my inventory which is a lot more time consuming than it sometimes should be. Since I have a few apartments on caly and an entire building in celeste north I've probably spent more time decorating and redecorating apartments in game than most entropia players ever will.

    I've camped pirate spawns for entire days. Chased oil and people at the rig for hours and hours and hours and hours. I spent my available play time for a week once getting everything together and then hauling it all out to the pirates station so I could spend a day crafting on no planet.

    I've logged SO many hours of flight carrying players newer than myself to the next TP or an event they're trying to get to or whatever it may be.

    I came into this game to be a crafter and a trader. Eyes just as wide and hopeful as any new player. TBH it never played out that way. I still consider myself a crafter foremost but I hunt of necessity. I buy UA and turn them over.

    In any case there aren't a lot of globals in 7 to 20 pec clicks at the crafting machine. I do the majority of my mining with the rookie finder. Most of the solo hunting I do is on smaller mobs. Sometimes I gear up with everything I got and go wipe out a couple levi - I have a soft spot for hunting them since I was a noob and we used to team hunt them for some of the first globals I was part of.

    I've never completed a 10k. I have a couple 6k started but I'm not even going to log in and check how close I am to finishing the oro 6k.

    I've completed a lot of the story/quest/search type missions in game though. Just not wherre "kill XXXXX mobs" is the mission. I've been on every server of every planet and station in the game. But not every instance, obviously, there's still miles of road for me to see ahead, at my pace.

    I'm not a grinder, I never claimed to be, or wanted to be a grinder. I have no props for someone that has cycled 1 million PED, is unhappy, and still clicking. Forget it by the time they've cycled 2 million ped, and they're at the forum trying to tell newer, still excited players, that they should "stop talking about the game" because they're not qualified.

    If I wasn't clear, your ability to auto click through way more money than most human beings will EVER spend on a video game does not make you an expert in statistics, mathematics, or EU. The people in this thread telling me not to speak are the ones that have FAILED HARD and they are here to share their discouragement with you.

    To crap on you.

    To let you know that if you do get anything good, it's not because you worked for it, or earned it, or "deserve" it in any way because they don't know how and obviously you can't either.

    Scroll back up this thread is full of it.

    As for these people that come around every time someone tries to be happy or hopeful about loot and start raining down this crap, It might be good to take a look at them as well.

    There are plenty of players in game with a million ped in loot that are happy with what/how they have done and some of them are also here, steering new players, giving real advice, often even suited to levels of play much lower than their own. If you want advice find out who they are and pay attention to them.

    IMO putting in enough PED to buy a house and then spending 8-10 hours a day autoclicking mobs is not "playing the game". It's grinding, and you get whatever is in it for you, and that's ok. I'm not morally against it or anything. But you could play sudoku it would be cheaper and probably better for you.

    That's my opinion. I'm not even saying it's right or wrong, I'm saying it's a real point of view, and holds just as much merit, or moral correctness, as what Alina (for instance) has to say.

    As regards loot, hunting, or the knowledge thereof - let's be clear, everyone has to assess what they know about the person speaking, and decide what advice to value.

    My largest hunting loot is 7% of my entire loot total That's easy with these numbers but flipping through, it's funny.

    BTW with only 20k looted in crafting I have 6 discoveries (on small TT items yep yep) and a 4 digit loot. That's as much as some of these guys have to show and I did it with 18k loot, and the advice of a good friend.

    SOOOO in conclusion. I have every right to talk about this game. There's not even a high bar, despite what some here would wish. I'd even venture to say that I have more "general experience" in game than some of these players who have come in game, geared right up, and then started autogrinding on the advice of someone who wanted them to feed the loot engine.

    Or during these recent years when "knowing how to play" meant memorizing gear charts until you could break 3.x DPP. People who don't know enough to put their gear away when loot is crap and have to make that 100,000 mob to cycle 95% because they're working to minimize volatility, maximize turnover, and extend their time in play rolling a huge bankroll at minimal loss.

    Look at them line up here telling you that's not the way to actually hit it big.

    Ahh, the good old days, right? But now, with what we have, there's still pretty much a 10k, or close to it every day. These guys have been missing it for years. Spent millions of PED avoiding it, and they're here to tell you how to play like them.

    Once you waste enough PED for them to let you talk...

    I hate to say this because he's wrong about a lot of things and deeply offended me but TBH Space Janitor is not wrong here. He's a little overboard making his point, but he's not wrong on ONE particular point which is, if you want to hit big, you roll big You roll hard, you dig deep, and you keep pushing if you want to force a loot.

    It's still faster and easier if you use the tools available, but you don't get big ups by doing everything you can to suppress big downs. Not here or anywhere. I'm definitely not saying it's good to spew PED blindly. You can go overboard, in either direction.

    It saves you money to know how the game engine works. It saves you money to pay attention to the cycles and the waves they create. Sometimes knowing how to win is knowing when to take a break. Knowing how to see where the money is currently at. Knowing how MA handles events and releases.


    You don't get big loot by mindlessly grinding through dead cycles or bad times. You waste PED. You bring your average down to 95%.

    I'm sure that's quite enough from me for now, since I feel like I'm getting redundant. Everyone who has created an avatar and logged in has "the right to talk about this game". Everyone who has tried to play it has the right to ask questions or "the right to give advice". There are people here famously giving bad advice. They're not noobs.

    Everyone has the same need to take in the information that they can find, and try and sort something out of it that is useful for them. I am absolutely not a member of the "big hunter" club in EU or whatever you want to call it. I don't claim to be, and I don't want to be. I don't spend my time calling others out and judging them for their gameplay (except pirates), and I try to share what I know.

    But since we're calling out and judging here, maybe some of you ought to think what you're saying the next time you type out a sentence like "I've cycled a million PED in loot and never gotten anything decent". You cannot twist this sentence around logically into "I'm obviously doing it right".


    Also, just generally I've heard it's good advice in life to go around not being an ass. Even though sometimes it's hard. Really hard. You guys like luck, how about karma? Keep pushing everyone around you down...

    As for this thread OP I'm so sorry lol. I hope you're out there going for it right now.

    OMG I just previewed this post and what a wall of text. Probably the ones who could most stand to read it will just scroll past it and post something sarcastic, ROFL.

    That's PCF
    Nice wall of text and i read it all nice to see your play style work it seems that for me mining will be the way to survive this world called entropia im doing some profit while in hunting hof or not it was a lost so ill hit this thread again when i hit the tower i deserved

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