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Well i did not give any specific categories and my suggestions are not more detailed for a few reasons.
1. My suggestion is not only do this and nothing else. Personal choice depends on many factors most of which cannot be generalized.
2. Events have been changing quite a lot lately and we cannot be sure same categories will have the same mobs they did before or even if there will be the same categories at all.
3. My suggestions are only for categories and maturities where armoring really does matter (at lower ones going commando might be enough).
4. My suggestions are mostly aimed at people who will try for good scores to offer good protection (to minimize healing times).
5. Not all armors have reasonable supply meaning getting them will be close to impossible.

Going into more details is always possible but we need more information and with Entropia since the choices are endless i will never be able to give a full best suited for everyone list. For that people should do their research try consultig experienced players with personalized questions and use the armor adviser on entropedia.
Yes, I hear you.

What I meant to say is, that with imp/cut/stap +elec dmg most allround armours already offer pretty good protection to begin with.

My suggestion to minimize healing time would be the adjusted resto. Then you can go "commando" for sure!