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    They probably are working on overhaul of this area named Athens.

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    In 2012 kim posted some teasers of the overhaul for the athena area. IVe also noticed that calypso has been lacking when it comes to content releases.

    Whats going on?

    What happened to this stuff?

    The lack of content development for calypso has me concerned for the future of this game...
    They just implemented it on other places; like Cape Corinth.

    Personally I like the strangeness of the Athena area; pity they made it unusable with the "No vehicle"-zone that came with the Buildings they set up and set "no access" to. Before it was acutally possible to spawn a ship next to TP and take off (though knowing that some pirate would be lurking in the trade center). I even found the "golf course" area (Cyclops Vulcano) a bit charming, after I had made a map over it so I could get in and out lol (it was a maze - especially without TP-chip).

    For Athena spaceport needs a redesign, but it's more about removing one or two of the useless new Buildings ("Access: Private"), reserve a flat space next to TP that can be used as launchpad, and remove the no-vehicle zone that randomly crosses one of the roads there.

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    I will never forget the first time I made it to the Athena spaceport area in my valkyrie. Having worked my way over from PA as best as I could, getting into those yellow mountains was some of the most alien environment I had really seen on calypso. The odd spires and different architectural style there are a a big part of my early impression of this game.

    If they turned it into something like Corinth I'd be awfully sad

    What they did up around Cape Corinth and all through the Half Moon area there was great though. I explored that area heavily around 2015 - 2016 and enjoyed it quite a bit. There's a nice web of low level missions there that get you around to see many of the spawns and where the hangars are if you're new, and driving around the valleys where that little river flows is lovely terrain.

    Every once in a while I come across a mob that looks different from what I remember, still. I came at VU 10 so all of the mobs were pretty roughly ported over to cryengine, lol. It really helped me to be gone at a busy time - I explored heavily in my early days and then got caught up in TP chips and quads like pretty much everyone else so a lot of little stuff just goes by unnoticed.

    Coming back again, I'm constantly finding things that have changed or been added.

    Having caves and so many kinds of instances and wave events scattered all around all of the planets. Mobs tweaked and improved. TBH these days I'm mostly playing safe mode so I suspect there are other details that i'm still missing.

    There are so many things to do here, if none of your desires or pet peeves get addressed, it's easy to miss all the stuff that DOES happen. Up a few posts I linked a thread that's full of pictures of a beautiful arena and battle ground they developed that probably less than one or two percent of players will ever see, as things are.

    Not to sugarcoat things. They ignore some pretty simple and obnoxious problems. But in terms of graphic development and content like missions, instances, new areas and mobs, etc... I'd say that EU as a whole is observably moving forward.

    Nobody knows how those guys develop their priorities. I tend to think it has something to do with a dartboard and some bottles of liquor, but this game is still alive and growing after so long I have to admit they're not doing it all wrong. Just wierd.

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