Any chance at allowing LA owners to have more latitude in how they run events?

Maybe give them the opportunity to buy into a weekend event like gold rush (not exactly gold rush, but the idea of) or something like that.. kill 1000 mob, and get 1.25 ped evade skill. It would provide MA some revenue by allowing LA owners to 'buy-in' to an event style setup on their land. and provides them something more than just a 4 hr HSL comp.

I haven't 1000% thought this through, just having lunch, and was thinking about how hamstrung LA owners are to only run certain types of events in game. I am all for allowing players to choose their play style.. and if its not HSL, or 200 globals... maybe its to kill 1000 mobs, over a 3 day weekend event.

--> I dont own any LAs... just want them to have more flexibility in providing services to the player base.

also maybe this spawns additional ideas (or destroys this one) that would allow MA (if they still read forum) to take some ideas to the drawing board.