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    If the NPC asks for 5 50 or 500 why would you put 10 in there????

    I traded my 15 by putting 5 in at a time.

    You don't follow the simple idiot proof instructions and then go around screaming BUG BUG!! FFS

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    its not just deed holders that got thrown under the bus by them not delivering with compet but possibly pet owners as well. I personally was kinda waiting for the merge between eu and compet and purchased a dhampyre way back. That's no small expense. I will say ill never sell her and am happy but if my entire plan was to be used in conjunction with compet well.. that didn't happen.

    It may help trememdously to fire the person communicating with us as they clearly don't communicate internally or have a clue whats going on.

    this announcement for example states the compet deed traders will be located pa mall tp and in twins:

    but apparently the npc is actually not located at either but on arcadia.. not even the correct planet!?!

    That's just one example! I could I'm sure goto any post from MA and find a similar situation.
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    What about all the people who spent money on Compets but don't even, play EU?

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