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    LA 39 Atrox Decimation

    LA 39 Is now doing weekly events on a regular basis!

    I will be charging peds per ticket due to more premium prizes.

    This weeks says 7.5 ped but its only 5 ped!


    Atrox- Old-Alpha to Stalker (Max Density)
    Neconu- Youngs (Low to mid density)

    Location: [Calypso, 22835, 25928, 210]

    Time: 2018.12.15 19:30-22:00

    400PED- 7.5 ped per ticket
    800 PED- 15 ped per ticket
    1200 PED- 30 ped per ticket
    2400 PED- 60 ped per ticket
    4800 PED- 120 ped per ticket

    Look at the ingame event list and sign up now!

    Depending on the what the lands revenue is I will make the choice of how big the prizes are.

    If you want huge prizes grind the land!

    If we can't make money we can't do events!

    As an added bonus post a Hof on the land with timestamp in here and earn 15 peds!

    Happy hunting and Good Luck!
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    I'm grinding on atrox - Where and how do I sign up to this mission?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aloisius View Post
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    I'm grinding on atrox - Where and how do I sign up to this mission?
    We will see loot on tracker no sign up necessary. Its sw of akkmul tp.

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    Possible that neconu comes soon to help the density issue

    intis un pintis Atrox Alpha 100 PED Sun, 23 Sep 2018 17:36:14
    Possible 100 PED winner payable @ end of month

    2 more prizes yet to giveaway 1,000 and 10,000 ped!

    If you want to contest the winner please post a screenshot w/timestamp that you hit 100+ ped before this person! (Teams don't show up on my end)
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    Neconu now lives on this land with the atrox!
    Two missions at one time? Yes Please!!!
    Bump need density testers lets go hunt!

    27 hours from now please join us to win some nice prizes 50 damage enhancers and 100 ped for first place look for "ToxOnu" event!!
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    Jan 2012
    Jabez JAG Groove
    What is the best all around mid level armor and plates to use for a atrox and neconu mix? Off the top of my head I would think about gremlin and 5b?

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