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    Wow while I like many will blame MA for things that piss me off, lets keep a sense of proportion and try to at least maintain some accuracy.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ape Drape View Post
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    I'm just going to note here, MindArk doesn't give a flying F about how people who've made investments into something getting screwed. All those worthless hangars that really serve no purpose... The people that bought those made investments into space travel and they got screwed.
    When MA redesigned the universe to create space as an entity in it's own right the hangars no longer served their original purpose...TRUE
    The hangar owners were screwed....WRONG
    They were compensated for the change.. they were given a Starfinder, so they could continue to operate as space transport, and got to keep the hangar as an apartment complete with their own crafting machine, trade terminal etc The hangar and ship are on separate deeds, and their total value probably exceeds their original value even now, consequently many hangar owners that panicked and sold up before the change regret that decision.
    This is why there are 2 ships identical in all but name as the pathfinders are the same except they were sold through the auction.

    You assume all space ship owners would be against this change as it would lower their income. Firstly few, other than myself, have replied here at all, so how do you know what we think of it.
    Secondly it may make space more active which is a good thing, it may mean less space transport jobs, but if coupled with more space missions / mobs /loots then perhaps we may get space battles, organised space hunts, defence force for space miners instead and allow the motherships to function as designed (as aircraft carriers).
    I live in hope

    Personally I prefer the space wrap around idea rather than Caly at the centre of a box shaped space. This would allow greater movement between all planets. The increased trade would then hopefully allow them to grow in population and stimulate further development. But would require MA to stop throttling PP development to artificially maintain Caly as dominant planet. Why do they do that anyways??.. they shouldn't care which planet has most trade, mobs, people.. the more vibrant planets become, the more interesting space is, the more people that will join EU, have fun exploring and stay here.
    It's a win for all and especially MA since they get a cut of all profit and all development code handled by them, for which I am sure they are paid handsomely.

    There is no right or wrong as regards space development.. the only wrong here is the total lack of development for years, the failure to add content in space to make it interesting for the majority of players.. I get that totally.
    So lets see space changes to bring interest to the void, potential for profit.. mining of space rocks, mission mobs, unique loots, and see how many of the 'I never leave Caly brigade' change their minds

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    Quote Originally Posted by Miles View Post
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    Nah. Earth is the most 'successful' planet in the solar system, but it still revolves around the sun.

    I'd rather see the sun in the middle, creating a Donut-shaped space around it. The biggest problem with the map of space is that it's 2-D, and not how things are arranged.

    Peace, Miles
    This. I once suggested a dynamic map in the same vein, which might also satisfy OP in that it evens out travel distances over time. And since we have now spherical entry implemented with Arkadia Moon, there would actually only be one step left to do:
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    not that bad idea actually

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    i like the idea too, but doubt it will happen, either the hub either calypso at the centre are an utopy

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