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    Cool Selling [Zorra's HK] Tier 7.2

    Hello I'm selling [Zorra's HK] Tier 7.2 accept items and ped too

    Highest Tier zorra in game ( In my optinion)
    really good gun for mayhem cat 4 . 5-6 shot per kill .
    It's Epic PK gun , and really good to kill with EST set
    save ped for armor decay and healer .

    Here is the video of the gun action

    OB 14k , BO 18k

    here is Cat 4 preview

    Accept items too , bid end at 6.11.2018

    Able to rent too . 100 ped per day , 16k ped as collatteral . 20k if item as collatteral

    item interest , Healtool and peds , ring or something
    can PM me in game too if want to offer something , i will hear any offer
    if offer is good enough i will sell the gun in offer price , so keep offer to me
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    idk how to bump

    bump to first page thank you :3 any offer will hear out . so PM me in game Special-V
    and i put preview of cat 4 mob already

    you can kill cat 10 mob before reach to you too .
    just shot from far and they never able to hit you
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    bump up please and check the cat 5 survival timer :3 cat 4 gun for the win

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    of this gun

    Hello guys i changed my mind ,
    i won't sell this gun anymore ,
    since i can win easily cat 5 , and my friend may use to win cat 4 ,
    so this thread can be close ,
    except if someone want to put offer .
    in the video of mayhem test = no pills ,
    with pills = 900-1100 dmg per crit and shot alot faster 8 shot faster with max reload speed

    this is CAT 4 gun but , it can do CAT 5 survival too , 57 min ATM

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