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    MA dont want you to trade skill, they want to trap players.

    If MA wanted to make a good thing for players they would make ESI tt or extremly common so ppl can chip in an out and boost the economy.

    But they made it so its useless to sell skills, that way they win when ppl rage quit or want to stop playing..

    UGLY but thats what it is atm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pupuliukas View Post
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    Wait wait! You offering to skill up to top level to be able to go to shared loot and loot 5-6 full ESI a month to be able to chip out?! Point me a player who had 5-6 full ESI a month. Did that happen at all, or it was once in EU history?
    I just wanted to point out, that ESI is not that rare than you may think it is.

    If you want to chip out completely there is no other way than buying ESIs from others, as hunting for ESIs will not work.

    When you go out hunting for ESIs you gain skill, very likely you gain more skill than you loot ESIs.
    Even if you are lucky and get more value in ESIs than you gain skill, you would need to hord it long time, as if you start chipping out you lose the skill you need to hunt the mobs that drop ESIs more often than others.

    Theoretically it should be possible to loot ESI from all mobs (although I think MA changed that long long time ago).
    Even if MA did not change that, one small 10 PED ESI drop from 1million Merps killed, is a lot more skill gained than you can chip out with that 10 PED ESI.

    Beside that:
    You dont need to have UBER skills and gear to pariticipate at SK.
    You can also shoot your newbie guns and have a chance to loot an ESI.
    Sure your chance will be less than those from the UBERs participating, but it is not zero.
    If an UBER doing main DMG has a chance of 50% to loot that ESI, it also means he has 50% not to loot it, so it drops to someone else.

    If you want names of the UBERs looting ESIs form sandking, well go there and paritcipate.
    They dont make a secret out of their item drops, they bragging with it in public chat
    And you also have the advantage to be at the source, so if you want to buy ESI, and you are there when someone drops it, you can be the first making a buy offer to them.

    Its far less complicated than you think it is.

    Sitting at auction all day to get ESIs to chip out, very likely is one of the worst ideas how to do it.

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