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    I use the system also and love it, not that much work at all.

    When I need to go copy/paste items from my online list its more job

    The list works great for shops that are specialized in things and try to sell the same things over and over again that are crafted and get restocked daily or even a few times / day . That kind of shops also sell the best. People know where to get the stuff they want and mostly also at what price. This kind of shops don't even need to adjust the list on Entropia Sales

    If you want to run a shop that is trying to sell all kinds of stuff, and changes stock/prices a lot, those will have a hard time adjusting the list and will have less or none (steady) buyers.

    As said before in this thread, people are lazy, they don't wont to run around to find that 1 thing... then it's a lot easier running to auction and buy it for a few ped more.
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    Quote Originally Posted by morey View Post
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    Your My Items idea didn't resonate with me because people would have to selectively copy their items and then manually put in the mu for each one (because the list only contains tt, amount and name). I didn't see that as making the process easier. However, if ppl like to run pure shop owner avas, then that's a different story. Just fully copy my items!

    Im my PM to you i developed some ideas how a "My Items"-List read-out could automatically identify those items which fall into the category of shop items, how to separate them from others, re-identify them on the next upload of the item list, etc.

    finally, i found the PM again:

    Quote Originally Posted by Orion
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    okay, you ask for feedback, so here i go:

    the success of your project stands or falls with being a LOW-threshold service.

    many players have dozens, if not hundreds of items in their shops (shopkeepers shop-in-shop). we are LAZY and dont want to add them all manually one by one.

    it would be a great help adding all the stuff from my shop, if i could upload my item list from "my account > items"

    offer all items from Container: ESTATE to be selected as shop offer (checkbox)
    (note: an apartement is an ESTATE, too)
    offer all items from Container: PLAYER SHOP to be selected as shop offer (checkbox)
    PLAYER SHOPs are the shopkeepers many ppl have in their appartement or in their shops to expand item limit (inception style ; )

    offer two price settings: one box with MU% and one box wih PED value
    whichever box is filled automatically adds the respective value in the other box

    items selected and priced in previous sessions should be re-identified and pre-selected (checkbox already marked) by their often unique combination of [item name & item TT-value]
    (identical items with same name and same TT should be same price, shouldnt it?)
    their previous price setting should be re-used then.

    maybe you can use some of those ideas.
    more to come, once they come to my mind.

    kind regards,

    - Orion
    [i frankly corrected some typos i found]

    i am as far away from coding as a cow from dancing, so i cant estimate the the complexity of getting this into a working program. instead i only can try to show a way how the correct item selection and re-identifying could be done.

    but i still think this might be a way to

    - get items into the shop inventory list
    - re-identfy them when needed
    - delete them from list, when not found in my items any more
    - shortcut the sisyphean labor, once the initial work is done

    and hence increase acceptance to continue using your nice program.
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    Ah thanks for clarifying.

    @orion, would you be able to pm me part of your my-items list? I'll no longer have items in my own shop/shopkeeper/apartment. So it would be nice to see how it's formatted

    Individual item mu and stores might have to be selected after it's loaded too.

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