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    New Arkadia Daily (2018)

    Global every day on Magurg Male or Ubo on Aakas Island (TP at [19036, 9046]) to win 4 Moon Deeds in 4 weeks and 1 AUD every week after that!

    Can't afford to play every day, you can still win those Moon Deeds and AUDs!

    Ways to win
    There are 4 ways you can meet a week's requirement to win the weekly reward
    • 7 globals, one for every day of the week. This is the daily version
    • 12 globals in a week, at least 6 of which should be on different days
    • 16 globals in a week, at least 5 of which should be on different days
    • 25 globals in a week

    • After 1 week: 1xCompet deed OR 20 PEDs
    • 2 weeks in a row: Additional 2xCompet Deeds OR 40 PEDs
    • 3 weeks in a row: Additional 3xCompet Deeds OR 60 PEDs
    • 4 weeks in a row: Additional 4xCompet Deeds OR 80 PEDs
    • Every week after that: 1 AUD or 60 PEDs​

    So if you global every day for 4 straight weeks you effectively earn 4 Arkadia Moon Deeds! (5 Compet Deeds can be exchanged for 2 Moon Deeds by the broker in Celeste Harbor). For every week after that, you win 1 Arkadia Underground Deed!!!

    Week begins at Monday 00:00 and ends on Sunday 23:59 UTC. Day begins at 00:00 UTC (game time). No registration required for individual hunters. I'll be using Entropia Life to automatically track your globals. Teams need to register in this thread to qualify.

    There's More
    Any item drops for the globals you strike for this event, qualify for the "Discover Aakas Treasures" event. So your winnings are even more from the same hunt!

    • This is only a hunting event. Mining globals are not eligible for this event.
    • Rare loot and discovery globals are not eligible for this event. The global message needs to contain the LA name (Aakas Island) so that Entropia Life can report it for the LA
    • This is a promotional event that ends December 30 2018 23:59. If I am not broke at the end of this or if I find any sponsors, I may be able to extend the event.
    • I have unlocked the maturities and densities on Ubo as most hunters are interested in Magurg Males, so expect them to decline over time. Or give me feedback if you like hunting Ubos instead and I'll reconsider.

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    About Magurg Male

    Magurg Male are high HP mobs that global at 50 PEDs. Stalkers have 3850 HP, Prowlers have 2500 HP and Old Alpha have 1700 HP. So, they should global readily. The Stalkers hit a lot harder than Prowlers, who hit a lot harder than Old Alphas. For Alphas, Musca Adjusted should suffice, for Old Alpha you may want to add some plates or get a healer. If you want to hunt Prowlers and Stalkers, you may need better defences.

    Maturities at Aakas Island are set to have a large number of Stalkers and Prowlers, with a decent number of Old-Alphas and some occassional Alphas. There are some Ubos that are gradually declining in numbers and maturity.

    Notable loot
    - Magurg Male Pincer: >900% MU
    - Generic Fuse: >300% MU

    I can buy Magurg Male Pincers at 925% MU and Generic Fuses at 300% MU from those hunting at AI (that is they have some globals recorded in Entropia Life in the past one week).

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