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    Thanks all for the replies.

    I did know that healing others that are killing shared mobs can result in loot for you because you have an indirect contribution on the peds spent to kill the mob. And in some way it makes sense as the current loot 2.0 rules.

    Quote Originally Posted by Svarog View Post
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    Happened to me 3-4 months ago on Ark, was running near one of those huge event mobs and killed by it (unarmored), a hour later a mob with same name hoffed for 4 digits while I was standing at auction and I had the swirlies. No loot obviously.
    Now this is even more weird situation since you weren't using any armor, in my case I was using unplated gnome (little decay but still) and mob hitted me 50's or so damage once. Not using armor means that you didn't have any contribution at all on peds spent to take the mob down and it should never make you have the swirls for the glob/hof.

    Thanks for sharing your story Svarog. Guess we will need to live with it for now, doesn't make any sense but EU is dynamic in many ways it seems.
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