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    Firercracker- Armatix Weapons(50-90) and Amps


    Imagine perfectly located Shop just next to TP, fully stocked, updated daily with very competitive prices and there you have it- Firecracker, literally few steps from Medusa TP, Shop 1:3.

    [Calypso, 53391, 69327, 105, Waypoint]

    In stock:

    Lr 50-105
    Lp 50-90
    Bc 50-105
    Bp 50-90

    LR-95-100-105 at 129%
    BC-95-100-105 at 129%

    Armatrix B amps 28-75
    Armatrix P amps 37-75
    Damage enhancers I,II,III,IV ins stacks of 10 and 20.

    All prices very competitive and fair come and check it out.
    Any suggestions are welcome, feel free to let me know what to improve.
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    How does this affect the Armatrix equipment available at your shop in Twin peaks?

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    Both shops are manage at the same time, Twin Peaks shop with Armatrix 45-75 and Medusa shop with Armatrix 50-90, having 2 shops will help me supply larger amount of items and better variety.

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    Prices updated, restocked, don't overpay at AH but at my shop, prices often -3 -15% from daily MU.

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    Come and check it out.

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    Restocked, come and check it out, just a few steps from Medusa TP.

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    Restocked and updated, added damage enhancers I ii iii in stacks of 10.

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    Jul 2014
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    Awesome prices and you see it just after you tp!

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    If you say what the shop number is that would help 😁

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    Thx Pepe for pointing that out, its shop 1:3, also please let me know if something is incorrect mu wise or missing I will fix that ASAP.

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