Before adjusted, enhanced and or modified armor sets were introduced there was a hierarchy of sorts of armor sets. ex: Bear, Boar, Jaguar, Tiger in that order, considering protections and total protection lvl.

I've always been a fan of the look of Tiger armor and the bonus of it's slight protection increase over the more affordable Jaguar set, but due to it's more limited availability vs Jaguar, was always priced at a premium, which brings me to my question.

For practical use purposes, if Adjusted Jag now provides higher lvls of protection then Tiger, (except 2 less points of Acid) and offers the 10% - 20% Dodge / Crit dmg benefits, why is Tiger, when available still offered at a high mu than Adjusted Jaguar and why make an investment in it? other than nostalgia or looks preference

Curious what others may think on these two sets of armor