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you guys are lucky I tried withdraw 15000 ped. Started Jun 16 2019 it is Oct 2 2019 and I have yet to see any money to my account. https://gyazo.com/bec856fc9fb1ee6319a671734efc31b1
Check the email your account is registered to.

I once had a withdrawal pending which I had timed to use to fund my Christmas gifts that year. Time came and went, I missed the boat, and I was pissed. I sent a nasty support case about it. Fortunately MA has one customer service rep who actually takes the time to give a thoughtful response. He detailed out for me (very politely) the timeline in which an email requesting information had been sent to me. The fault was mine, not theirs. I checked the email, sent the requested information, and received my withdrawal the next business day.

That being said, I do agree with most of the sentiments over the unreasonably long withdrawal times...