The Feb. 2019 MindArk AMA will be conducted here on Planet Calypso Forum. A special AMA sub-forum has been added to the Devís Corner forum section, with each question to be submitted in the form of an individual forum thread. This will help to keep the discussion of a wide variety of topics separate and more easy to follow for everyone involved.

Members can submit up to two question threads in the AMA sub-forum before the submission deadline listed below.

During the submission period, thread replies are disabled. Once the live answer session begins on Friday, thread replies will be enabled so that discussions can be held by the community in response to the answers provided, and so that the MindArk team can potentially address follow up questions.

  • Submission Deadline: Thursday, Feb. 7, 17:00 UTC
  • Live Answer Session: Friday, Feb. 8 15:00 UTC - 19:00 UTC

MindArk Participants
  • Henrik Nel - Chief Executive Officer
  • Magnus Eriksson - Chief Operating Officer
  • Dennis Antonsson - Entropia Universe Product Owner
  • Justin Sorrell - Planet Calypso Product Owner
  • Magnus Ryme - Lead Developer
  • Mathias Gustavsson - Marketing Manager

AMA Question Guidelines

  • Post questions that are clear and concise.
  • Post questions that are directly related to Entropia Universe or MindArk.
  • Post questions in a mature and polite manner.
  • Post questions that MindArk representatives can reasonably be expected to be able to answer on a public internet forum.
  • Post on a single topic per submitted question thread. One or two anticipated follow-up questions are permitted, as long as those questions directly relate to the topic of the original question.


  • Post more than two question threads per member.
  • Post requests for in-game support, or questions relating to open support cases, account bans, etc.
  • Post questions directly related to internal Entropia Universe balancing mechanics (e.g. 'Why is my loot so bad?!' or 'When will more of xxxx start dropping?' etc.).
  • Post questions directly related to specific Entropia Universe avatars or societies.
  • Post rhetorical and/or loaded questions whose only purpose is to promote a particular response or viewpoint.
  • Post questions whose content is defamatory or slanderous to MindArk or to any of MindArk's affiliates, employees, or planet partners.
  • Post questions or content in violation of the Entropia Universe EULA or TOU.

  • Any questions not adhering to these guidelines will be removed from the AMA sub-forum and will not be addressed.
  • Question threads on duplicate or very similar topics may be merged.
  • Due to time constraints, there is no guarantee that the MindArk team will be able to answer every question posted.