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Thread: Q2: volatility

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    Beside that, I cant care less about multiplyers as long I have a high number of real success, especially on L BPs and item crafting (with residue) this is much more important for me than getting multis.
    not if you need 90+% return to break even with MU ^^ Sure, if you only stick to crafts where the MU is so high that the break even threshold is 80% return or less, then you don't have to care about multis, but for crafts that need higher return the multis are very important for breaking even/profiting...

    ofc, one stick can only to crafts that have a break even threshold of 80% return or less but that is bad for economy, because all the crafts that may be in demand but require higher return are just going to die.
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    folks move the COS (Chance of Success Slider) towards the right and then complain when their success rate isn't so great? Duh? You are playing a slot machine essentially. If you do want to lower your success rate for chances at better returns when returns do come, fine, but don't do it and then go complaining when the number of success gets lowered as a result of your own choice...

    Don't get me wrong, crafting does need major improvements in a lot of ways, but folks going away from Quantity option based on their own choice isn't necessarily one of them, unless you want Mindark to do away with the slider all together and make all clicks be same as doing full quantity option.

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    Loot 2.0 was supposed to only affect hunting, but here's what happened to crafting multipliers:

    The 50:50 distribution of times 10 & times 40 was pretty solid even beyond the 9kish clicks of that more cleaned multiplier-tracking.

    And ever since loot 2.0 the times 40 multis were pretty much non-existant.

    So whoever says loot 2.0 was hunting adjustments only is just wrong, it may not been intended to affect crafting/mining but it did.
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