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Thread: Q2: Clothes

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    Q2: Clothes

    I had alot of things I wanted to ask, but it's already been asked so here's one on the bottom of my list.

    The vu that required cloths to be full tt to look good totaly killed tailoring and greatly hurt the look and feel of the game as far fewer players wore cloths and just walked around in their armour all day (the equipping cost didn't help either).

    Why do some Clothes have insanely high TT value? It sucks to have ped tied up in them.

    A solution could be to make all Clothes 1 ped TT value and give everyone the remainder in Universal ammo. This would be good for the markup on Clothes.

    Crafting designs would not have to be changed. Residue is given back on items that are full TT+
    so the globals and hofs would stay the same. the only difference would be the max TT of the clothing item.

    There is a obvious reason you would not want this. All Ped's stuck in cloths and furniture with MU are tied into the game and you (mindark) will never have to pay this money out. Its not good for the economy because it would free ped's you (mindark) doesn't own the real usd counterpart anymore for.

    So incase the answer on the above is no.. Is it atleast possible that TY value must reach at least 10% before the clothing starts to look decayed?

    Thanks! ✓

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    There are some good suggestions and observations in your post, some of which related closely to issues that have been discussed in recent planning meetings.

    We are currently reviewing the max value for various items, including clothing and plan to implement some changes and optimizations in one of the upcoming version updates.

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