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Thread: Eddie´s Q1

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    Eddie´s Q1

    Hello all,

    Thank you for this opportunity to communicate with players !!

    I have like 100´s of questions ,but for me its hard to pick also "the important" one or some ppl didnt post yet..

    There can be many things imo that would be nice to be adjusted or "pimped up".

    My 1st Question is about the World of Crafting :

    The Blueprint rate dropped significantly during the last months/yrs...also OLD blueprints arent looted anymore..

    also many old blueprints arent of any use nowadays like weapon ,tools..etc ones..


    Are there any plans in future to adjust/revamp some old blueprints , bec material doesnt drop or its in no relation to other blueprints in terms of cost per click?

    Examples are bp which use dunkel plastic : Transformer-T103 // Finder F-104 // Dragon Armor // and some more...

    Source :

    i would like to see more variety of craftable items with a matching cost per click in relation to usage and eco etc

    Thank you ,


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    Magnus Eriksson:

    The overall blueprint drop rate has been unchanged for many years. However there have been changes to which blueprints drop at various times. Some have become much more rare while some, particularly the newer ones like the ArMatrix blueprints are more common.

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