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    Can someone explain in simple terms what "multipliers" are in getting a HOF?

    I have asked this question from people I know who have been in the game for years and no one so far has been able to give a clear answer to this question. I'm currently a lvl 35 miner and I have had some HOF's within the range deposit size of a tower but not enough to go over 4K to get the actual tower which would be my first one (it will be a magical moment and I probably won't be able to sleep that So, could someone explain "multipliers" without me needing a college degree in entropia jargon? Thanks.

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    As explained in the AMA Guidelines, questions relating to loot or balancing mechanics are not permitted, therefore this thread has been removed from the AMA section.

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    DO NOT
    • Post questions directly related to internal Entropia Universe balancing mechanics (e.g. 'Why is my loot so bad?!' or 'When will more of xxxx start dropping?' etc.).

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