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Thread: armor boxes

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    armor boxes

    All of us have a lot of armors.... and i think we have some of them with us, taking inventory space.... is there another way to have some armors in inventary in order?

    i think in armor boxes: a box with the armor inside, but in th armor category of inventory, and we can put armor in us in the correct way... let me see... someone remember "Saint Seya"?.... is the same!!!

    Hey MA, think about this.... is not a bad idea!!

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    Storage containers, they already exist.

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    Yeah, i know, but i say about a box stored in the armor category at the inventory, with storaging size 7... then, in your armor category in your storage you see a armor box... ah!! and no restriction to put it like a total set...

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    I think youre watching to many cartoons

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