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    What are you top priorities for development?

    This guy summarized my own top priorities fairly well, so I thought I'd ask what everyone else actually wants. I'll add three and a half more of my own before I quote him:
    (1) Fix the Half-Mob Glitch (only the lower half of the mob draws; it can hit us but can't be hit no matter what)
    (2) Make vertical tracking optional (let the hunter set their own vertical camera angle relative to the horizon or the ground or maybe either, and leave it there; bobbing around with the mob is purely crazy-making)
    (3) And another related to one to which he called attention below, sort of: No more getting stuck in terrain please. Either figure out where the hillside/object is before drawing the avatar partway in it, or at the very least add an "Unstick Avatar" action which moves the avatar to about 5 cm above the surface.
    (4) Item locks with item recall. This could be as simple as a checkbox in Item Info, normally checked for UL items and unchecked for anything else, which prevents the item from going into the TT or auction; an action could be easily cloned from Recall All Vehicles, perhaps with an intermediate widget listing all items on loan, and empty checkboxes next to each to indicate which loaned item(s) to recall to storage at that time. This would of course necessitate either an Trade-like action "Lend" or, like practically every other mmo out there, an additional area in the Trade interface for items to be lent or rented rather than sold (if you can crank out an all new camera system so quickly, this minor addition should be trivial to code once its underlying system is clarified about as deeply as I just did). Borrowed items in the possession of inactive avatars could potentially even autorevert to the lender but that would probably be more bother determining appropriate length of inactivity than it would be worth to code.

    Without further ado,
    In no particular order...

    I can′t pick up fruits/stones/dung with right or left mouse click. Need to press F.

    Especially when on hilly terrain, my ava sinks into the ground up to his knees in what is supposed to be rock.

    When getting near a TP and hitting F the ava should stop. However it just runs on and on till it breaks away from the TP even on maximum target lock sensitivity.

    When changing direction towards a specified target, say storage, the ava should look at that target and not at the fixed white dot in the middle of the screen. Talk about looking stupid.

    Need an option to do away with the dot. When the dot is near to the ava it′s one main reason for uneasy and sick feeling because it is fixed and the ava bounces around. It also kills all aspects of 3D reality because it′s just an irritating dot ruining the whole picture, and not a crosshair which the brain computes in a quite dissimilar fashion.

    Hate to think that MA took away putting things on the ground and thus killing an important social aspect of the game just because it messed with the new camera/control system. Not worth that.

    Bring back walking backwards. That′s the normal thing people do, not turning 180 degrees on the spot in a whiff. Looks totally strange and artificial. Also kills the classical style of hunting.

    Still needs to be fixed that storage and inventory windows stay put where dragged to on the screen. No centering and no overlapping, please.

    Please fix swimming.
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    .... just one man's opinion

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    Some good stuff in those.

    The obvious one is bring back the old camera system but, given the
    old days of freedom are gone, my top 10 would be...

    1) Make vertical tracking optional +++

    2) Have a cross-hair instead of a dot, optional giant target image too.

    3) Loot button back, or right click for loot back, same for fruit.

    4) Health bars for healing

    5) If you feel the need to move my inventory window when opening a terminal move it back when closed.

    6) Rotate my land plot back the way it was when I bought it, it's silly jumping the back fence to enter the door.

    7) Fix broken floors / Getting stuck in terrain.

    8) Reinstate missing BPs and resources, or replace BPs with missing resources with something useful.

    9) Make sweat useful, eg fuel for a 1 person transporter, eg scooter.

    10) Some kind of faster than light transport between planets. Restricted use or weight limit or can't take anything that would be considered space lootable, but fast movement to open up the universe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gollum_42 View Post
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    Some good stuff in those.
    10) Some kind of faster than light transport between planets. Restricted use or weight limit or can't take anything that would be considered space lootable, but fast movement to open up the universe.

    You mean like a TP you could pay 40 PED to use
    ? ( Sorry, couldn't help myself. They used to have those)

    On topic:

    * Bring back right click alone use as it WAS before last patch.

    That was very smooth and now we have to Hit "F" key and click ..stand on one leg, face South, one eye closed and do the Hokey Pokey... ( You get my meaning )

    Kept my list small as I don't want to cloud the issue.
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