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    Consolidated release notes for VU 16.1, 2019/03/14

    Visit the original posts to see pictures.

    Entropia Universe 16.1.0 Release Notes

    Planet Calypso Content Release 2019.0.2

    Planet Arkadia Update - Release 16.1:

    Hey everyone,

    We have focused content surrounding the moon, we have introduced quite a few extra hunting missions including a small expansion pack to the smuggler story line.

    Now let me give a breakdown of the content being released in this update.


    New Level 4 & 5 Iron Missions


    Oompa Warhounds
    Sicarius Brutes
    Sicarius Commands
    Sicarius Workers

    Please also note that spawns have changed a bit. Happy hunting...

    There is new story driven content for Smugglers and for PTECH Industries. Keeping in mind these are hidden, so you will have to look for them, but the reward is worth it. This is only part 1 of 4, so many more missions are coming in the next update.

    Smuggler Missions

    The smugglers have now opened one of their HQ's to members who joined their ranks and proved themselves. You will be required to discover an agent that is watching the movements of the cities but is hidden somewhere on the moon. They will tell you what you need to do get your access pass to enter HQ. Keeping in mind that this HQ is well hidden, only those who are worthy will be able to enter.

    Once you gain access to the smugglers, you will be able to see the start of a complete new story line that will hint what they have been up to and require you to obtain a certain series items to be able to get the Smuggler Hazmat suit. This suit will be required for a deep undercover mission. Discover it and find out what lays ahead. There might be a backpack hidden in there somewhere, but it depends... if you answer correctly... Ned will be watching.

    Civilian Missions

    The communications on the moon have had some serious issues of tampering and weathering. PTECH needs your help in repairing the connection and discovering the issues. You will be required to report to the PTECH engineer located at the communication center in assisting them at discovering what might be the problem.

    PTECH will also require you to assist in helping the repairs of the extractors but be warned, it might be a bit radio active but hey, nobody complains about extra body parts right?


    There are a good collection of rewards to be obtain when you complete the missions.

    Hunting Mission Rewards - Skill rewards are to be discovered
    Smuggler Rewards / Possible location
    Something hidden, happy hunting...


    Oratan Attacks are back
    Intel has shown that the Oratan have started to move around the bases and plan attacks that will happen randomly, so be prepared, their attacks are as savage as their nature

    ALERT - Smugglers have moved from the Underground to the Moon.

    The smugglers have started showing attention to the PTECH Industries, they need your help.​

    Whats coming in the next VU...

    Firstly, we want the members of the IFN to know that we will be working on the expansion of your story line including missions that will take you to new locations and start working to smite the Smugglers. This will require you advance in your PVP skills.

    Secondly, after countless requests, we are working to bring Gold Rush 2019 later this year. We are working on a new set of prizes as well as new ways of engaging this content.

    We have are currently working on a complete series of events that will be player driven and controlled. These events will include hidden passages, new lairs and new creatures.

    We hope you enjoy this update and we look forward to having you on the moon. Exciting times ahead.

    Catch you online

    Rocktropia March 2019 VU:


    Spare Tire Marina Dungeon -- Fixed issue with name and not allowing to go past first level.

    Falling through floors -- Interiors disappearing while inside shops and apartments have been dramatically reduced. It can still occur but very rare to have happen. Rapid jumping around the walls seems to be the main way to trigger the disappearing.

    Shatler Apartments -- Item points now function as intended inside Shatler.

    Item Placement and Inventory View -- Many items have have their ground position and inventory view fixed.

    Rock Melee Weapons Now Accept Amps -- The issue that prevented ROCKtropia Melee weapons to accept amps has been resolved. You can now amp up all ROCKtropia melee weapons.

    Loot 2.0 Compliant -- All loot has been rebalanced to conform to loot 2.0. (God help us all)

    Mission for Pop Ganja Seeds -- Logic was wrong and has been corrected.

    Vehicles spawning and flying n PVP3 -- Nuclear Blast PVP3 is not supposed to allow vehicles in air or spawn.

    Malfunctioning Data Bot Responds (Mission) -- The Malfunctioning Data Bot now responds if you have the appropriate tablet with you.

    Lemmyís Castle Map Location -- It now shows up properly as Lemmy's Castle.

    Studio Street Studios Item Points -- The old estates that have been so problematic for so long are fixed. Also they have been given a property makeover see improvements section for details.

    Hodlr Run Speed Reduced -- The run speed is slower and their unarmed range has been reduced.

    Blond Android Pet has no name -- Blond Android Pet has no name in shops and ??? for description.

    Ring of Fire Mine Teleporter -- Teleporter wasn't working it should now function as intended and be auto discovered.

    Isle of Lost Avatars TP -- Isle of Lost Avatar not saving location for first time players.

    Police Academy I Mission -- Missing forum troll not counting in mission.

    Hockler Condo Penthouse -- Fixed level 7 lock pick to complete the mission.

    Durability in Monster Trucks -- Fixed durability and movement decay in Monster Trucks.

    Crab Mission IV -- Fixed Crab Mission IV was not allowing players to get the mission.

    Mission reward of foul stage 2 -- reward for stage 2 Foul mission changed from 250 Novas to 10 Rockstar Dust.

    Leopard Texture -- The leopard texture now shows as expected.

    Notification Reductions -- We have converted the majority of pop up banner notifications to chat window messages. This will help with performance and to de-clutter the UI.

    Sound mix adjustments -- Many sound fixes and levelling have occured to make the experience more engaging.

    Basement Corpse Removal -- All basement dungeons now will have corpses automatically removed. They will auto loot as well. Ignore the message in the chat about "no loot" It is being accumulated in the safe.


    Added Marquees To Shops -- Shop owners now have marquees above their shops with their shops name on them. Illuminated signs indicate a basement dungeon is available.

    Fixed PVP Area In No Way Out -- No way out Prison PVP area now covers the prison properly.

    Added Safe Zone to PVP3 Nuclear -- There is now a safe zone in PVP3. Radar is still disabled in this area.

    Basement and Create Dungeons Given Unique Mobs -- All Basement Dungeons now have unique mobs that are balanced exactly to the owners spec. These mobs have the word "Robber" on the end of their name and still count for all quests with similar mobs. Example: D-Block Mafia Robber counts towards all quests to kill D-Block Mafia.

    Added Exits To Basements -- All Basement Dungeons now have an exit. You will get a warning prior to exiting.

    Added Skill-O-Matic Terminals -- You can now trade your in-game SKL tokens for skill of your choice.

    Updated Planet Map -- All areas have gotten a map upgrade that better lay out the current terrain and hotspots.

    Quests In Player Dungeons -- Player Owned Dungeons now have specialized(unique) repeatable quests within. To help out in cloth crate instance quest, in the main area all mobs respawn after killed.

    Performance Upgrades -- Vegetation & Lighting Optimization pass. Frame Rates should improve across the board.

    Dragon Upgrades -- The dragons have a new look. Check them out.

    The stars are back -- Next time itís nighttime look up.

    Added new Mining missions -- Added new mining missions for Rocktropia specific minerals.

    Added Radio Signal To Major Cities -- The blue radio signal found in COD can now be seen in New Harlem & Tangerine. This makes ground navigation easier as you can use them for reference.

    Studio Street Makeover -- Take a stroll down studio street. All the studios on the street have had their properties redone. Upgrades include completing their property boundaries and adding luxury amenities to the outside decorative areas.

    TPT IOUs added to pawn shop -- You can now exchange ROCK Bucks for TPT IOUs at the pawn shop.

    Dragon Kingdom Added -- Venture out from Tangerine to discover the Dragon Kingdom.

    Weapons Overhaul -- Many Rock weapons have been designed from the ground up. Check out their new looks, effects and placement options.

    Castillo, Harlow & Karataka Lofts -- The lofts are scattered about New Harlem and the outskirts of Tangerine.

    National Guard Radio -- New radio frequencies detected in zomhattan.

    Prison Tension -- Tensions on the block are at an all time high. Check your surroundings.

    New Furniture Blueprints have been added in.

    New unique dungeon items -- have been added to player owned dungeons.

    Rocktopia Fund Tokens -- Have been added to loot drops of their respective Mobs.

    New unique missions -- for those who have completed the Zombie and Prison chain missions, there is now a repeatable mission just for you.

    New unique Missions inside private dungeons -- All private dungeons now have a unique mission than can only be obtained and completed inside the dungeon.

    Camp Crunk expansion -- Camp Crunk has been expanded to encompass more of the island with zombies and AI on them.

    Other Notes

    The Rock you have been looking for has been made bigger (whimps) but because it is bigger and easier to find there is now a key required to get in. Something about new shovels dropping from mobs in hell.

    Pesky Crabs burrowed into the vault under Neverdieís Pawn Shop. After extensive use of explosives the crabs were driven back and the tunnel collapsed. A full inventory check revealed a small amount of Speed metal was missing.


    Cyrene March 2019 VU Absence (no update but a word from the devs)

    Hey guys,

    I wanted to let everyone know that Planet Cyrene will not be part of the March 2019 VU.

    I won't go into much detail as to why, other than say there is more than one factor involved for this conclusion. However, I did want to touch on a few points that are we are working on in the meantime:

    1) We're revamping not only the Start Room, but the entire Starter Experience on Planet Cyrene, with a bigger focus on not only story (introducing factions / key players) but also the overall quest flow.

    2) This, of course, also means that we'll be terra-forming the entire rookie area, including A.R.C. Staging, to be less confusing, more streamlined and grouped in a way that lets players know which missions they should be targeting.

    3) We'll be continuing to work with and compromise with MindArk to continue improving Planet Cyrene, doing our best to put out complete content on par with other planets in the EU.

    For any questions / comments / concerns please leave them in this thread and I'll answer what I can.


    Planet Toulan Release Notes 19.1

    New Content:

    . Introducing the new (Toulan Mirsal Token) "TMT" which will be utilized for various activities and access to instances across the planet, the "TMT" at this time is used for access to the Qaydar/Baydar/Shamsdar Mini Instances, with more planned uses for it in the near future.

    . New Sabikah (Bullion) items, in different sizes/values (5 Gram , 10 Gram, 20 Gram) can be acquired through CUHOF instances.

    . New Mirsal Exchanger NPC [134404, 96395] standing at Nahar City Center, for exchanging Sabikah into TMT depending on its value.

    . New NPC Maher [133960, 95103] who now provides Qaydar/Baydar/Shamsdar Full Cards, in exchange for TMT.

    . The Card Parts Left/Right/Center are no longer available through loot, NPC Salhoob [133960, 95103] has new dialog options to exchange card parts for Universal Ammo.

    . New Weapons are waiting to be discovered.


    . An overall step by step fix to Toulan's beginner experience has been applied.

    . NPC Bilal mission counter now works correctly.

    . NPC Labiba mission counter now works correctly.

    . NPC Harban mission now has different requirements.

    . Mission (Learning To Craft) now has different requirements to provide to NPC Faiza, and Mawlood Starter Armor Blueprint is changed as well.

    . Mission (Cold Cuts Research) now has different requirements.

    . Mission (Nahar Outfit Stage 3) now works as intended with boxes appearing inside Duhol Cave.

    . Vibrant Sweat has been added to CUHOF Keys Blueprints recipes.

    . CUHOF Instances exit spawn point is now better positioned to avoid getting stuck in door.

    . New Arrivals to planet spawn point is now better positioned.

    . New Arrivals to planet zone, now has a wall preventing new players to wander off instead of following beginner path.

    . All Toulan Melee weapons now correctly accept Melee Amps.

    . Toulan's (Chahen BLP Amp) line and (Muzwed Energy Amp) line , have now been fixed with correct specs.

    Known Issues With Fix Priority:

    . Karmoosh Lateef Pet, buff is still pending but scheduled to be addressed in an upcoming patch.

    . Loot mobs parts adjustments are still taking place at an ongoing pace.

    Monria VU 4.0 - The Celestial Prison

    New armour

    The Armour used by the Elder Gods and their followers can now be looted by hunting mobs on Monria. There are 4 sets made from the carcasses of your favourite mobs.

    Malgar Armour

    Oberon Armour

    Pinthas Armour

    Shade Armour

    The Toy Soldier

    Thomas Malone has arrived on Monria as part of his investigations, and rumour has it that he brought a large bag of toys with him.

    New Hunting Mission chain for kill points with toys as rewards, speak to Thomas Malone at the Main hub

    Token Broker

    As requested by the community.

    A Mayhem token trader has been added to Monria in the Main Hub

    A Daily token trader has been added to Monria in the Main Hub

    A Combat token trader has been added to Monria in the Main Hub

    Training the Leprechaun

    As part of our effort to support taming we have added missions with rewards for taming leprechauns. Earn yourself one of Thomas Malone's creations, a cute leprechaun toy and then earn tokens with a repeatable mission.

    Speak to Colonel Wang at his stable in DSEC Military HQ.

    Hunting Repeatable missions

    Earn tokens by completing repeatable kill point missions by speaking to the following extremely friendly NPCs


    SachemUrsa at DSEC Forensics


    Negated at DSEC Mining


    Colonel Wang at his stable in DSEC Military HQ


    Angel at Shub Cavern


    A Mining Guild representative has been added to Monria as suggested by the community.

    Mining Guild Representative at the Main Hub offering mining missions

    Mining Repeatable Missions

    Repeatable Mining mission for token rewards have been added for mining for Maladrite or Zoldenite

    Curd at DSEC Mining

    St Patrickís Weekend Event

    This release coincides with our biggest event of the year where Avatars from across the universe dress in green and follow me while I attempt to walk in a circle.

    Best of luck to everyone who will spend the weekend having fun and competing to win some prizes. If you havenít registered for our team events or our Ďguess the globalí event donít forget to do so in this thread:

    Monria | St Patrick's Day Event | Cthulhu's Chaotic World | Mar 16th/17th

    Donít worry if you havenít yet fully completed your outfit, like last year we will be giving out something green for the Saturday Parade!

    Known Issues/Things that didnít quite make it!!!

    Aah the Four Chapters!

    The Four Chapters Mission is something that we have been trying to improve since we took over Monria. Iím happy to say that we have finally been able to get something done. It didnít quite make it for this release but will be released in an update, hopefully soonÖ...

    A new mission will be added ďThe Order of the Elder GodsĒ with a bound item, unique to Monria.

    Speak to Pinthas at DSEC Forensics to find out more in an update coming soon..


    A Mining Guild representative will be added to Monria as suggested by the community.

    Mining Guild Representative at the Main Hub offering mining missions

    Mining Repeatable Missions

    Repeatable Mining mission for token rewards will be added for mining for Maladrite or Zoldenite

    Curd at DSEC Mining

    Armour Face Masks

    The current armour masks need a bit of love from graphics including updating the texture to match the rest of the armour in an update coming soon.

    Next Island (thanks to Killahbee)

    Changes and Improvements

    -General MOB Spawn improvements
    -Shared loot Drakes and Boss Drakes improved
    -General terrain improvements
    -Structural clean up in the Crystal Bay region
    -Additional terminals added to Crystal Peak and a variety of outposts
    -Turret positions optimized at outposts
    -Beginner quest dialogues updated to new camera & control systems
    -Story line dialogue updated through NPC's Arthur and Samuel
    Last edited by Svarog; 03-14-2019 at 22:13. Reason: next island notes

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    Thanks for this post, looks like lots of content for players on other planets
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    At Monria u see many new things but i cant understand if the mining representative and the mission for tokens are released or not... you can find the same things in both section.

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    Wow many new things to explore


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    On Rocktropia update, can anyone explain the ''Added Skill-O-Matic Terminals -- You can now trade your in-game SKL tokens for skill of your choice.'' ???

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    Quote Originally Posted by laginha View Post
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    On Rocktropia update, can anyone explain the ''Added Skill-O-Matic Terminals -- You can now trade your in-game SKL tokens for skill of your choice.'' ???
    The first of those tokens just dropped in an instance:

    [Globals]: Kara RavenJade SummerWind is the first colonist to discover SKL Token. Item discovered in The Vampire Tomb! A record has been added to the Hall of Fame!
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    Thank you for the post! But sad that we can't learn what happened on NI since it was the second largest planet to get an update. I guess ND is still managing it?

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    Nothing regarding NI ?
    Lost in Space searching for monkeys

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    Quote Originally Posted by Liu View Post
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    Nothing regarding NI ?
    seems like NI swords are AMPABLE

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