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    A Crafting Redesign Concept

    Here is my concept for a better crafting system: Your avatar operates modern (ie, far future) manufacturing technology. Present-day (21st century) technology on Earth already allows nearly complete automation of manufacturing. In the far future, then, this trend toward automation would most likely continue to its limit (set it up, forget it, like 21st century CNC), and its interfaces would be designed to be progressively more and more convenient, for example remote operation using something like an immensely refined and improved cell phone in the avatar's moments of leisure between other activities.
    So for the sake of immersion via realistic futirism if nothing else, I envision a crafting / manufacturing system consisting of 3 components:
    - a blueprint system very similar to the existing one, because it's fun;
    - a portable handheld tool straight out of star trek by which the avatar sets up crafting runs;
    - automatic delivery to planetary storage (or to Autosell) of the results of crafting (the actual machinery of manufacturing would be non-interactive "flavor scenery" rather than a terminal).
    I personally would also include speficic checkboxes to store/TT/auction each individual potential result of crafting, possibly even with controls to sort finished items into separate fates according to their TT value.

    See how immersive such a system could be?
    .... just one man's opinion

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    then time and items would devalue even more, because everyone could output way more items.

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