Hello everyone
A little back story about my years of experience in game and out of game, I started playing EU in 2011 still being in highschool I was of legal age to play lol (in case MA wants to think I was underage ) I want to say it wasnít the money part that had me sold for this game but the fact that you could make a second reality in this game , over the years I invested time into my character bought gear hunted mined crafted had good times and bad times, Iíve learned so much in these years I feel like I went to college learning so many aspects in the game , and well Iíd like to be able to join a society that is serious about networking and helping one another, 3 main reasons:

Us vs MA- we all can assume the game was designed for us (90-95%) to not come out profitable in terms of just hunting, mining and crafting on just pure tt value

Help me I help you - I come from a background where me and my family act as a unit :example we all had skills that helped one another , financially we helped eachother pay for bills saved money jointly , now Iím not saying Iím looking for a soc that we can share our ped , itís more of a concept of I have mats/resources you need to craft I sell them to you at a lower Mu than Ah but not low enough where Iím just giving them at tt value , vice versa I have a service I can offer you that saves you money if you tried to start from scratch , I help you with it .

20 brains are better than one:- i always believed that people working together whether itís sharing knowledge , providing services , selling materials /resources one needs is much more fulfilling that trying to be a penny hoarder and screw the next guy over , I value a person that is doing honest work and sells items, and their prices might be the same as the other traders but they donít try to pull some crazy % from you , just like real business , peoples reputation can be a factor on whether they will have more customers or have regulars .

So Iím a hunter with profession level being 51.I hunt according to my armor and weapon but if someone offers to lend me their gear ofc with collateral I would hunt bigger and gather more resources , like wise mining Iím average level 24 with ores and enmatters i usually mine up to depths of 1000m, and crafting, my levels range from 10-30
So if any soc or group looking for a player that is motivated, has decent bankroll management skills to help and learn provide wisdom, tips, services and materials within the soc pm me or add me ign: Leo deathception diaz

pS* Iíll be opening a forum shop soon with certain enmatters ores and mats for people who craft and tier up and stuff ( no resellers) Iíll offer below MU on AH but I wonít be underselling too much either , so whoever can suggest what materials they need constantly let me know and Iíll focus on providing a consistent supply hopefully
thank you for reading this and hopefully someone sees my potential