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    Cool Bael Streaming on Twitch - Thank you to the Entropia Community!!


    I am a relatively new streamer for Entropia and I cannot express enough how much I appreciate the Community in this game.

    While I got a late start to this game I truly love it, call it obsessed if you want.

    A big shout you to Forgo, TreasureB0x, Rachel MsPusdding, Ce3reb355, Angel, Chicken, and many many other that helped me get my stream up an going.

    Please feel free to stop by and chat -

    My schedule is not 100% determined - but I am typically streaming 4-5 days a week from 8:30 PM EST to sometime after midnight, I usually stream at different times through out the weekend.

    I am still working on the stream itself and any constructive criticism is greatly appreciated.


    Baelrahyn Bael Riverwind

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    You can also watch the clip of my 5 am 4543 HoF ... .. was so tired.

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