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Thread: New Mob Content

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    Paul Ray Spinn
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    Quote Originally Posted by ProActive Mango View Post
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    The men in black come to me and take my peds and leave without even a hug or anything :S

    This comment also made me think about another funny idea, to make the new mob even more hilarious :

    when a Man In Black attacks, he runs to you and, when in close range, he tries to HUG you
    (CUTE UPDATE : as alternative choice -also easier to implement than a hug animation- the Man In Black stops 2m away from you, and starts throwing kisses at you, causing damage ofc )

    Create a funny animation for all this , add some hilarious sounds ,
    and you have the most successful mob ever

    About possible Copyright Issues on the name "Men in black", it should be noted that the term was commonly in use long before the 1st movie released in 1997.
    And anyway the source of inspiration for the new mob isn't the movie.
    Anyway, in case of problems of any sort, the name of the new mob could just be "Men in Black Suits", or simply "Black Suits" : since they can be men or women !

    There also could be Creature-Control-Capsules dedicated to these "Men in Black"/"Black Suits".

    If MindArk develop funny ideas like this one, the results could be outstanding in terms of Player appreciation

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