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    gdogs crafting supplies medusa bazaar 4:6

    grand opening of gdogs crafting supplies shop on calypso at medusa bazaar shop 4:6
    as a bonus to the like finder at some point to day i will list an item at 1/2 mu on the week in the shop it will sit like that till sold or tomorrow morning. post a screen shot here of you buying it get info on tomorrows deals
    whats in the store atm and its mu
    [Henren Cube] 28.98tt mu 267.05%
    [Gold Ingot] 42tt 164.64%
    [Petonium Ingot] 80.55tt 117.42%
    [Pyrite Ingot] 34.8tt 164.54%
    [Putty] 64.59 140.35%
    [Blausariam Ingot] 102.05tt 102.09%
    [Lysterium Ingot] 3.75tt 127.2%
    [Frigulite Ingot] 60.48 103.37%
    [Dianum Ingot] 22.5tt 110.22%
    [Iron Ingot] 33.15 103.08%
    [Ganganite Ingot] 7.2tt 116.81%
    [Niksarium Ingot] 62.4tt 105.11%
    [Simple 1 Conductors] 155.1tt 107.92%
    [Basic Sensor] 33.74tt 119.49%
    and more please come check it out

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    restocked come on by and check out whats there

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