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    Quote Originally Posted by morgoth View Post
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    Weird I can cycle 200 to 500 ped in a quad on comics and not take any damage and maybe miss only a few times at most. Few being less then 10 shots over a 500 ped run.

    If anyone aside from my enemies wants help learning quad hunting feel free to message me for some free lessons.

    I know many players that have more experience in game than me, but very few with the amount of hours quad hunting space mobs as me, so no insult intended to anyone with this offer
    Thanks. I understand how to hunt without taking damage from small Horrors, but wasted shots has always been the worst part of hunting in space. When we could see if a shot was a "miss" (on target) or not, that helped, and now with an in-range indicator - that helps even more.

    Horrors seem to be particularly hard to target - much worse the Skyflail or Hermit. If I'm patient, I can hunt a long time (2-300 ped) without taking any damage from small Horrors, but I'll still have way too many off-target shots while the cursor is on the mob and in range - often the cursor is is red when I click/press and flickers white as the shot still goes off target. Often I end up taking damage when I lose my target mid-battle and I take too long to reacquire it.

    I guess my main question/point-of-interest is how you stay on target to avoid misses? Take this scenario. I come up on my target, get in range, slow or stop and take my first shot. The mob reacts, moves slightly as it goes aggro and is off target. When I adjust my aim, the the cursor flickers as I am on/not on target. In a worst-case scenario, every shot seems to fire at the wrong moment and go off as a total miss. By then the mob may have moved into its range of me and a simple kill has become a mess.

    You can see how this situation snowballs into taking damage on an easy mob, or getting pounded by a bigger one. Each time this happens, the potential length of the hunt drops and losses go up.

    In the past, once I'd taken some substantial damage and was carrying loot, I'd usually start risk-taking and force the run to end quickly, so as not to get looted by a stray pirate as a sitting duck (and I never did) but now that we have non-lootable hunting I'd like to focus on more kills per hunt - more discipline.

    If you have any pointers on targeting I'd love to know how to improve.

    Peace, Miles
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    Anyway...i send to devs a suggestion, is this:

    History for support case 373475:

    2019-06-15 19:37 You wrote:

    Starbase Shipyard / Space Economy...

    Hi devs...just an idea to give ya and maybe help to improve the game...Starbase Shipyard...
    As we have see (AMA) many players/investors cares for the space future in Entropia and after the new contents u have released in last good but :

    a. very small ship for hunting this mobs...even horrors not worth it exept u create a module to replace passengers weapon with ships repair station in seat who used from passenger...
    b. Starbase Shipyard : MA owner or depends how many docks/pools to break in smaller parts or and sell to investors/crafters or like Crystal Palace share model...
    c. Bigger /armored versions of Quad or new design multirole ships where crafters can build them only in Starbase Shipyard !
    d. New ship modules and weapons to upgrade for old ships designs and for new also : for example the a. , new weapons for MS/Privateers and can only replaced in Starbase Shipyard or new Shield modules to replace 1 or 2 existed places of weapons in MS and Privateers , new ships AI module with Turret /ECM/Radars capabilities and only can replaced /builded in Starbase Shipyard !!
    e. All transport ways to Starbase Shipyard !!
    f. New ships can be mostly L and very few variants UL same as the rest items in game and also the same limitations of use ...for example a Quad dont need : Recomended level 0.0
    Privateer : Recomended level 20.0
    Mothership : Recomended level 40.0
    .so every skillful pilot can use efficiency ships electronics/computers and can fly faster or to can purchase nad put/replace new modules in ship ...ect...
    ...and more ,more , is in ur hands to create and bring them in Entropia so someday to can say we have a real Universe!!!

    Take care all...
    Chris Faceof Trimitzios
    Maybe u agreed or not...this i believe is the next best step for EU...
    Awaiting for ur ideas/answers...


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