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    annoying bugs of late

    Just wanted to pop in and state a couple of really annoying bugs, that I stated in support cases, but like all the rest seemed to not get a response.


    Channels still leave on logout.

    Sucks to chat in this game.
    I have 2 main chat windows, one for main and one for soc open.

    The one with soc also has soc sub channels but activates the channels by alphabet.

    So, while I have a society tab open and see society chat, by default when I go to respond, it defaults into one of these sub channels instead....not the channel I have active and not the soc channel actively responding too. Solution...kill those channels to avoid the constant frustration...which isn't really conducive to MMO.

    If I happen to somehow scroll the main window for global or such, then all of a sudden any chat I have defaults to local, not the active chat I want to respond to like soc or a pm.

    Its annoying, and there has got to be a better way than trying to stop and re-select windows to respond to chats in the middle of a fight that should be detectable and know which channel to respond back.

    Lots of blind responses in local that make no sense to those around me.

    The UI -

    Whenever doing key mapping for armor or anything else on any key map other than * it defaults to * while you have an icon to what would have been any other keymap.

    Please change this back to when you go to add icons it stays on the right key map not the * keymap.

    I use f7 for my main stuff, I should be able to adjust these icons when in the same keymap without having to reselect the right map. Which by the way, places the icon you just created and named on the * as well, usually in the middle of the screen.

    Vehicle/spaceship healthbar

    Please enable an ability for me to move this icon on my UI, and have it stay where I put it.

    This by default appears behind my chat when I spawn vehicles.....every time. Sucks to have to move my chat jsut to find and then move this bar only to know it will go right back next time.

    Side note - when people ask to increase the amount to put PED into the might help to address it....before the stuff they wanted is gone. Dunno, its your money I guess.....or would have been. No longer needed.

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    agreed forgo. there's another thing that's bothering me now. that annoying move item to storage/inventory. why does that have to be at the first position in the dropdown? o yeah, legacy programming?

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    The first thing I do every time that I login, is to adjust the size of the chat window.

    About the auto leave channels I simple gave up trying to join every channel that I though relevant to be in, every time that I login...

    Some things look so easy but those fixes could improve a lot our game play and the way we see this entertaining product.
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