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View Poll Results: Should The Legacy System Run Concurrent with the New System?

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    Jan 2019
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    I havenít been here long (started playing in feb) and Iím pretty upset about potentially losing the little progress Iíve made in the last few months. I canít imagine how livid some of you must be after playing for years. MA is going to trigger a massive rage quit.

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    Jul 2014
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    Quote Originally Posted by Haruto Rat View Post
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    Voted 'other' as there are more than two ways to skin the cat.

    My preferred scenario:
    • old missions cannot be acquired anymore,
    • existing old missions can be continued indefinitely,
    • new missions cannot be acquired if you have an old mission active (for the same mob),
    • it's up to you to choose if you want to complete or abandon the old mission.

    If the new rewards are better, they would provide a sufficient incentive to deal with the old missions.
    That would be better (and actually only one fair solution).

    Little addition -- last repeatable stages of old missions can be really last here (so finishing this round will start new system cycle).

    Important question -- Does it affect other planets? how it affect to killpoint challenges (on ark), how it affect secondary zombies chains on RT (national guards), how it affect cyrene epics?
    May be it worth to keep "100 mobs" missions repeatable by default, until proper NPC would be found? Let keep game a game, don't remove exploration from it.

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