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    Enchantable Clothes and Blank Rings

    Clothes should not only serve as expensive display, but also have other purposes. I'd like to suggest having the ability to add special effects to clothes and blank rings. A good example would be the Storm Jacket from Calypso's daily token trader.

    How it works
    • Clothes have enchant slot, along with color/texture slot
    • Each clothing piece can be enchanted with 1 special effect. More on the possible special effects below
    • Enchanting can only be done by players only, using materials obtained from hunting/crafting/mining
    • Enchanting requires 1 <Effect> Enchantment "Implant". The implant also lists the minimum required materials
    • New interface for enchanting that takes the clothing piece, an Enchantment Implant, and the materials
    • New profession Enchanter that can be affected by new skills + some Mindforce-/tailoring-/crafting-related skills.
    • The more skills, materials, and clothes TT value you have, the better the enchantment effect is (e.g. 10%-20% reload speed depending on materials count and profession lvl)
    • Certain Enchanment Implant require certain min - max profession level to use
    • These Enchantment implants can be obtained from crafting / hunting or boxes or tokens
    • In addition to clothes, Left Blank Ring (L) and Right Blank Ring (L) can also be looted/crafted/mined or come from tokens/boxes
    • These rings can be enchanted the same way as clothes and may have more than 1 enchanting slot. You will be able to select which slot you want to put the enchantment on
    • Overriding enchantment is as simple as enchanting it again.

    Possible Special effects
    • Move speed
    • Reload speed
    • Dodge/Evade chance
    • Critical chance/dmg
    • Resource Extracting speed
    • % reduced incoming dmg
    • % attack increase
    • % Skill increase. Not all skills. Just basic ones
    • Increase loot (tiny percentage. Example of high level ones)
    • Increase crafting speed
    • Increase crafting success rate (Another example of high level ones)
    • etc.

    What's in it for the players?
    • Boost tailoring and crafting profession.
    • Raises MU on unwanted materials if you put it as ingredients for enchanting
    • Gives player actually a new way to progress as enchanter
    • Clothes are now no longer just a decoration

    What's in it for MA?
    • More income stream from clothing decays since ppl will mix and match clothes depending on their activities
    • New income stream from enchanting (implant decay, materials, hidden tax, etc.)
    • More trading activities involving clothes/rings and enchantments = more income

    While I'm at it, I'd also want MA to remove the decaying looks of clothes if the TT value is not full. Let it look like new even if TT value is reaching 0.

    EDIT: Forgot to add blank rings
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