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Thread: Loot Lag

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    Loot Lag

    A real problem for mass shootings.
    I saw some other posts about the loot lag but I could not find the thread.
    I't had to do with some migration mob issues.
    Iv seen this happening now for a while.
    It was not having much effect on me because I have been hunting and doing events on mobs that take time to kill.
    I wanted to try and finish my puny 5k and get Iron missions out of the way before the mission changes.
    I rarely use auto loot pills, but it was really getting to be a drag clicking all the corpses.
    I was down on the beach at camp Icarus and the loot lag was so bad I could not use auto target.
    If I tried to target and shoot the next mob since the loot wasn't collected, I would start moving to loot the next corpse.
    A lot of times I could not shoot at all.
    I don't remember this being the case 4 or 5 months ago when I was killing lots of punys.
    It was fast and smooth, never an issue.
    Is this something in the pipe line to fix?
    Is it my connection?
    Whats up?

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    Not one reply about lag issues.
    I saw the sticky about posting to the correct forum.
    So.. wheres the forum for game and performance issues?

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    In lag your loot vanishes. that's why I doubt they are going to eliminate it

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    I have not seen any loot vanish...
    I have had that feeling before but after looking closer I always find the loot.

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