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    Mar 2016
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    Bargaining skill in real cash economy games.

    I 2017 I had unique opportunity to move to India for 2 months to conduct some business project with my co-workers and travel across to country (Mumbai, Pune, Chennai).

    India is the biggest democracy in the world and its economy is open, when you travel you often have a lot of chances to find some unique items, souvenirs etc. Open economy means that prices are usually not fixed and you can actually negotiate some prices. Skill of bargaining is useful in real life but also in virtual real cash economies.

    I remember when in Ellora Caves (Maharashtra state) I had chance to negotiate price of a wonderful looking stone craved figure of elephant. Indian seller wanted 800 Rupees but I managed to down the price to 200 Rs. I bought it because my Indian interlocutor promised me that he bought it for 180 Rs and he wants to resell it only with 20 Rs profit. "A divine occasion!" I thought and I bought it.

    10 mins after that I went to my co-workers to tell them about great deal I did - imagine my face when I realized that one of them bought exactly the same stone craved elephant for 50 Rs from the same seller.

    When you sell something, you want to at least break even, true is that?

    Entropia Universe seems to be very similar environment - people tend to lie about true value of items and try to scam other players. Sometimes you borrow some money without collateral and case becomes very sensitive.

    Perhaps some of you had similar experience? Share your bargaining methods with us, it may be good for us, it may pay off in future. Who knows when next opportunity will appear, it may be as simple as buying bananas (on Rocktropia or in real life) or buying high-end items in-game.

    Bargaining skills matters. Stay vigilante.
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