Hi my time in Entropia is limited now. I don't have the time to advertise and manage events properly
It is time to find these lands a new owner,

There might not be a better time to buy either, the mission reset should mean everyone can do Osseo missions all over again. With the hp of osseo there should be some good rewards.

La51 - Osseocollum Oasis
2 X Osseo DNA set to spawn young in good density, short run west of Angelica’s paradise.
Resources include Zand, Dianum, Valu, Adomas, Devils, Henren
Includes the shed deed

La25 -Osseo Outpost
1X osseo DNA set to spawn high lvl Osseo, OA to stalker
1x tp s/w of bilton TP
resources include Iron, Cumb, blaus, frig, lanor, nexus, angelic.
Also includes the shed

La25 sold with 51. This keep all 3 dna together.
These 3x Osseocollum DNA are unique. You cannot loot dna parts and make more.

Both lands have huge signs for advertising events plus one smaller sign for a side note

They have also both got custom global messages in the chat

BO has been reduced from 500k to 475k for both
Finance may be available pm for details
Not looking for items .
cld/aud deeds can be taken as part or all payment