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    Roman Numerals and Loot window.

    Hello everyone,

    I would like to suggest two distinct but simple ideas that, in my opinion, would benefit the "wow factor" of hitting a global.

    1st - Return Roman numerals to mining deposit sizes. Seeing an "X" or even 2 "X" on a claim size gives a satisfaction that decimal numerals just don't give. Seeing on the finder 2 X's like, XX for Massive, instantly means "profit" and an adrenaline rush that a "20" doesn't give.

    2nd - On the options we have a feature that says "disable loot windows". When a swirl comes by and we get a screenshot of that moment, it would make the moment and the screenshot much more enjoyable if we got the loot window showing the items (even if they are just oils). So i think, like point #1, this would give an increased level of satisfaction upon hitting a global / HOF.

    I'm making these 2 suggestions because i believe them to be easy to implement and wouldn't take much development time from the team, while giving something palpable in return.

    Best wishes to all the comunity.
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