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    Selling Sentinel Helmet M UL

    Selling Sentinel UL M Helmet:

    Impact: 68
    Penetration: 59.5
    Cut: 21.5
    Stab: 21.5
    Shrapnel: 29
    Burn: 6
    Cold: 6
    Acid: 6.5
    Electric: 6

    Have this cool armor part that I am considering selling. From research I think there are only 3 of this type in-game. It offers the 3rd best over-all protection from impact and penetration damage of any armor available.

    I am currently looking for offers if anyone is interested in it. I don't use it as much as I would like and think someone else may benefit from it more.

    If you are interested then please pm me here with an offer or PM ingame.

    Mervyn Barrier Octopus


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    Still looking at selling and open to offers.

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