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Thread: Selling itemzz

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    Selling itemzz


    [Omegaton M83 Predator] Tier 6.9 SB +20K BO +21K SOLD
    [Ares Ring, Augmented] SB +4.8K BO + 5K SOLD
    [Fast Aid Pack, Modified, FEN Edition (L) 108 PED TT Tier 1.3 ] BO +1100% SOLD
    [Restoration Chip, Adjusted] SB +4.5K BO +4.6K SOLD
    [Divine Intervention Chip] SB 1.4K BO +1.5K SOLD
    [Teleportation Chip 3] BO +300 SOLD

    Msg me In game (ASPHYXIIATIION Snow Snow)
    Or Msg here.


    happy Hunting
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    That was quick! Gz on the speedy sale mate!

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