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    You kind of contradict yourself there. Waiting for them to crash and buying cheaper is a speculation based on the fact that you believe that people will sell them under the price they paid for them. The deeds are a game investment with play money so people tend to hold on to them instead of selling at a loss unless they prove a definite failure like Compet. The prices are set first by supply/demand and after ROI or other indicators are used.
    I would contradict myself if I would approach this on moral grounds, which I don't. Of course, you're right in your observation, I do consider them from a speculative pov, on short term. It's really a matter of balance, which of the two mentalities will prevail at the "IPO". For example, as a thought experiment, how many of the buyers would you think have actually visited the moon, in order to qualify their decision?

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    Buying them and hope for higher value to sell it with profit is speculating aswell.

    Buying them to hold and hope for more content to make them profitable is speculating, too.

    Not buying it and wait for falling prices as there is not enough content yet, is surely speculating.

    Where is the difference ?

    Its deeds, what you do with deeds is speculating!
    Doesn´t matter if you do it with RL deeds or those inside entropia, it always is speculating

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    Shooting mobs is speculating...going to work is speculating that the firm is still see where I'm happening is speculation...this why this game is so appealing

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