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    Jan 2008
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    Quote Originally Posted by jetsina View Post
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    Well, it would be interesting to see the results of a virtual time machine, with lots of players from "the future" able to play in "the past".
    Would you play on a clean slate EU and restart an avatar the same as everyone else?

    However, you cannot make players "unknowledgable", so it would all turn out differently anyway, especially the mus, desired items etc. Also, what vu should MA chose anyway, and with or without bug fixes? Should they update that world, or keep it locked without further additions?
    Another LOL thought - is what we have now the best EU ever?

    AND, are there agreements with PPs in place that the platform should not water down the playerbase any further? Reintroducing a new Old Caly would split the existing base quite a bit I suspect, even if some new players were attracted. PPs would not like that - nor would CLD and other deed holders if the 'time travel EU' didn't share the turnover with them.

    Nope, the past should not be revisited if it is "alive" as an RCE, nor should EU compete with previous versions of itself...
    I agree with what you say. Not sure I would want to start over though as I am about where I have wanted to be from the start.

    I do have to say this Ver. is about the best, for being a hunter 99% of the time, IMO. From my stand point I don't I would change anything right now.
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    If at first you don't succeed, deposit.

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    I really cant see EU going anywhere anytime soon there is way too many players with a lot of cash tied up in game

    I believe as in rl cash makes cash and why would you change that

    I depo a lot in my 1st 7 years but Ive been a non depositer for the last 5 years and made a lot of peds in that time

    Im highly skilled hunt and mine but Im not wealthy in rl and play eu like a real scrooge

    I built up some worth in the game and with skills and knowledge gained over the years I can use my worth to make cash which I have proven over the last 5 years without depositing

    Im worth about double what I have deposited atm and don't look like faltering

    GL out there peeps there is hope for us all if I can do it

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