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    Items and skills

    Contact Penethol Junkman Bloodsteel in game. Accepting pure peds or trade offers. Nope i am not leaving and nope i am not in a hurry to sell. Will be adding more stuff frequently as i sort my storage. Thanks for looking and have an absolutely spectacular day!

    Skills: All prices are quoted with YOU PROVIDING ESI. So if u give me 100 ped esi and the skill is 700% expect to pay approx 630 ped for an esi of approx 90 ped. (ma 10% cut)

    skinning: 700% approx 820 ped tt available
    scourging: 1000% approx 295 ped tt available
    butchering: 1500% approx 177 ped tt available
    reclaiming: 1500% approx 138 ped tt available
    reaping:1500% approx 78 ped tt available
    scavenging: 1500% approx 58 ped tt available
    salvaging: 1500% approx 38 ped tt available

    Items: Fell free to offer trades, just make sure they are in my favor :O)

    DOA Loudmouth tier 8.3 +6k
    m83 Prowler tier 10 +42k
    Unlimited quad justifier +35k
    halloween 18 ring +42k

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    Dominant pamascom's Avatar
    Nov 2018
    seoul,south korea
    one man army

    hijack thread

    unlimited quad?? awesome!!

    free bump for your retirements

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    buy this stuffs mon!

    junkman loves all! yay!

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