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    Is Stamina connected to other attribute gains ?

    Ever since I hit 9 Stamina it seems to me that Agility is levelling faster.
    Went from 7 Stamin to 9 and from 84.0 to 86.0 Agility in the same time because of some tokens I converted.
    Before that it took meroughly 9 months to get from 83 to 84 Agility.
    Now it took me only 3 weeks to get from that 86.0 to 86.3ish.
    From prevous level gains in attributes for me that looks like hell a lot (would have expected to get that in a year after ).

    Is Stamina the secret sauce to Uberness ?
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    I have always assumed stamina = secret sauce to be the case.

    I restarted in 2010 with 5k points left over from a cash-out. I have surpassed most of the game in skills, currently 576k....and it keeps growing surprisingly fast.

    ....29 stamina. only str and stamina are under 80, the rest 90+

    Originally I figured since stamina is a core component of figuring out health and max loot, that it might help with actual loot and modifiers, but it does seem to me that it helps boost overall gains.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WoenK View Post
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    Is Stamina the secret sauce to Uberness ?

    I don't think so.... if it was, I would be pretty Uberish with 46 Stamina. Never noticed any effect from Stamina levels on my other attribute gains. Might be because they are all at a level where the gains are hardly noticeable

    In your case, the most likely thing to affect your skill gain rate is (changes in) your turnover. And do not underestimate the continuous tweaks MA does on the skill rewards, loot tables and overall returns. Stuff that's never in a release note but every VU contains those tweaks.

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