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    instances, etc.

    Another wonnky idea - pvp instances. Maybe even do themed ones.... You already have Global instances for mayhem, etc. Simply allow global pvp instances... perhaps even do a variety of traditional old pvp themes for each mayhem in an instance or series of instances... make it global like the mayhem is so anyone on any planet can join.

    A haunted house theme for Halloween... A North Pole inspired instance for Xmas... A Valentine's Day Massacre instance, Lots of ideas...

    Make some of them use all your items in game... others be more like the hub stuff, but allow certain stuff like clothes to stay on. Stupid to have to unclothe to go in to hub... especially since clothing still decays.

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    Hi All,

    I wanted to thank everyone for the feedback given on this thread. I'll do some work and refine ideas and gather them to submit in a support case to MindArk.

    If anyone has anything else to add, please post it here, or PM me here / in-game so I can include your ideas in the case.

    I'll also include the link for this thread post.

    - VH
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    Quote Originally Posted by mastermesh View Post
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    The warning you get after you leave pvp zone that you can be looted for x amount of time already exists. Simply extend it... If an avatar loots another avatar KEEP THAT WARNING ON FOREVER, everywhere in game, both in and out of PVP zones... do the crime, do the time. Essentially after you loot someone you stay lootable yourself until someone does kill or loots you.
    This would be an interesting idea. Maybe would be great to have a list of Current Outlaws...

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    Quote Originally Posted by VandalHand View Post
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    Discussion Thread

    Hello All,

    I am very passionate about PvP in general, as I am sure a lot of people are, or were at some point. Or, perhaps you want to PvP but feel it's a waste of your time and money.

    Right now, I feel it is a waste to an extent, with there being no miners to hunt in planet PvP zones, and only 2 societies competing in Land Grabs.

    So, here's some ideas I have for improving the PvP activity and culture within the Entropia Universe..

    • 1 - Create a Codex rank for killing Players and implement a new skill(s) for killing players as rewards.
    • 2 - Nerf Medi Stims to diminish healing while you are moving to balance offensive play while undergoing heals.
    • 3 - Move Pyrite back to Lootable PvP ONLY and add new ores for high markup / demand within PvP.
    • 4 - Host Land Grabs on servers that are dedicated / not toasters or the equivalent of Raspberry Pi computing power.
    • 5 - More powerful guns for mid tier players to combat the huge HP given to god tier players. Perhaps higher level Gauss?
    • 6 - Make Adjusted, Improved, etc Divine Intervention chips, with Perfected being 100% chance to restore greater amounts of HP. This can be added to the existing Mission Galactica.

    Topic 1 expanded:
    The skills implemented within the Codex of player killing could effect the ability to hit avatars more (less dodges / jams). My other idea would be for an HP skill - but I think we already have enough HP skills we need to have balanced (see topic 2, 5).

    Topic 3 expanded: The ores within PvP can have their own mining chain to also grant the new PvP / Pk skills, and can be used with crafting new armors for PvP, or guns such as have been suggested.

    I think the rest of the topics are self explanatory. Please, I encourage all of you to assist me with supporting ideas you like, give new ideas, or perhaps critique some of mine.

    Unless people who want PvP to survive stand up and say we want more for this aspect of the Entropia Universe, MindArk will never see the untapped potential, and it will remain a dying part of this game. I truly believe more people will begin PvP or participate with these changes, and thus grow the PvP community.

    - VH

    I love PvP in games just not this one for many reasons it doesn't work so no reason to do it. Lootable is a terrible idea in an RCE. You lose money outside lootable why go in and lose more?

    The mechanics are terrible and not interesting.

    Guns should do less damage not more. All damage against players should be reduced, many games do this where PvE damage gets to high they reduce PvP damage by a %

    Defensive skills should matter way more. The entire only being 20 hit lvls above the defensive lvl and always hits needs a rework. You should evade and dodge more.

    The only interesting PvP environment I seen in this game is the Toulan nawa rig. That is what a PvP area should look and feel like. No radar, raining and dark. Also many areas to snipe and PvP around. Just an ominous feeling running up to the rig there. Having a great designed area would help. It would at least become fun and get people to spend if it is entertaining and requires tactical awareness.

    Personally Id scrap the PvP system and build again from the ground up. I don't PvP much though but isn't that the problem? When I want to PvP I just play another game. I'm just here to skill for now.
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    • 3 - Move Pyrite back to Lootable PvP ONLY and add new ores for high markup / demand within PvP.

    For me this point says "lets take the miners profit", which is not part of PVP idea.

    Overall, I agree that it is a waste of money here except for some times when you just want to punish someone.

    17.0 Release Notes
    *Creatures killed by automated turrets, drowned, or despawned by the system will return loot in the form of Shrapnel, when appropriate.

    so.. it seems MA is in favor of returning about 70% with the new release. If this is implementing for PVP (whether it is a lootable or not... planet or space)

    -if you are shooting at someone who does not want PVP. You can recover 70%. (i.e. what he do in PVP area)
    -If there is a true match, 2 * 70% (140%) for the winner.
    - missed shots to go where they go now.

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