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    Quote Originally Posted by Hijacker27 View Post
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    Condition crafting needs to be removed from the game imo, no legit reason for it
    No, it will kill the game. Hunters are spending pocket change compared to these hardcore gambling addicts.

    EP4 is not even crafting, I don't understand how someone can call that crafting. Crafters don't, only some silly noobs do.

    Condition has what, 3% hitrate? 0 out of 55 doesnt take a fucking genius to understand, that it's not nothing special. Buuut, we have some special olympics gambling addicts who understand math as much as I understand nuclear science. Then again, I do understand nuclear science a bit, bad example...

    PS! OP - everything you have done in this game is pretty much a complete fail. In all these years, you still learned nothing and you seem to be unable to learn at all. Maybe you go and play something else? Something you can understand or maybe learn to listen know, learn from your mistakes? Your ATH was not skill, it was a result of you loosing enough to get that ATH.

    No matter the amount of money you throw at this game, you still will be:
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    Quote Originally Posted by GxB View Post
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    id say ep2 is the least gambling of all 4 of em and ep1 from a gambling point of view is probably the biggest gamble as it has the lowest tt return %wise (when going on quantity, on condition the difference gets minimal). from a pure ped pov then ep3 is bad and ep4 is cancer.
    Oh right, with now there being a lot more 25% and 50% return near successes EP I is now a gamble as well. Prior to loot 2.0 there were mainly 90% return near successes and all you had to do was to put the slider a tiny bit towards condition and most of the 1pec near successes turned into 2 pec near successes. But those days are gone that a 100 PED EP I run would give 95+% TT-return.

    every craft got worse, even the smallest one -.-

    I feel sorry for the people who try to get into crafting these days.

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    Sorry, Space, 0 out of 55 on full cond is absolutely not special. As mentioned already, worst I've seen was around 1 success in 200 clicks. You've been pampered until now if this is shocking.

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    Cant see anything broken, its fairly normal.

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