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    Series of Craftable personal effects and a new profession to house them

    As it stands attachments followed closely by weapons are the most indemand items in the game
    indemand = mu for items and mu for items keeps the game alive. Personal effects are also highly indemand but crafters are largely, excluding the level 7 nanobot series, unable to capitalize on this potential market.

    What I'm suggesting then is a series of pills similar to the armatrix series and a new crafting profession to house the blueprints.The nanobot series could also be moved to this new profession.A constant supply of consumable personal effects that have something all three professions would want , movement for miners damage for hunters and skill gain for crafters, this would increase mu in certain items which would affect crafting hunting and mining in a positive manner.

    pills could last an ~hour and give a weaker singular affect that some of the rings give ,or stronger since they arent permanent
    movement speed,life steal, personal regen speed, evade/dodge/jamming chance,crit damage, crit chance, reload speed, skill gain, a stronger autoloot range, or potentially even increasing the qr rate gain etc.
    each could be there own series and use certain items in increasing amounts relative to the effect given in order to add mu to them

    similiar to how the addition of armatrix attachment series saw an increase in several components.
    i imagine these too would use components that arent currently popular oils/sweat and nanocubes to increase the tt

    the weakest blueprints would be unlimited while the rest would be limited to prevent saturation of the market

    let me know what you think down below

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    Should look into Virtuverse as they plan to do this already

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    no damn pills... just put buffs on the already existing blueprints...

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