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Thread: Window Opacity

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    Window Opacity

    Did they make some changes to window Opacity?
    Seems like my Loot, Weapon, Inventory windows are fading as I move the mouse away?
    I pretty sure they didn't do that before?
    The only thing I want transparent is the Radar because I like it big.
    The loot window looks like crap all faded out.
    I really need to see my health bar!! not whatever is behind it!
    If I missed something in settings someone please let me know.

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    My Bad mostly

    So figured out I had my monitor setting really screwed up.
    Too much bright, gamma.
    Reset. I like it dark and lots of contrast so it really messed me up.
    Wouldn't have noticed probably otherwise.
    Would be nice to have the windows with opacity controls.

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    You can make the chat windows transparant... Rightclick main tab and set it in a submenu (can't remember the name of it)

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